Our Staff

Janey Colby-Hosey is the owner and creative director of Dancing With Janey.  She has been a student of dance since the age of four and has been teaching for the past eighteen years.  Janey studied dance at Mercyhurst College where she received a bachelor’s degree in 1988.   She has also studied and performed with the Bayfront Ballet Company and the Cleveland Ballet Company.


Nick and Mary Colby are the backbone of Dancing With Janey. There are never enough thanks for the devotion and support they provide. Day in, day out, behind the scenes and in the front office, they are there; doing whatever it takes to keep Dancing With Janey running smoothly. Whether its love, support, advice, accounting, scheduling or a cup of coffee, they always have something to give. They are a tribute to parenthood and to friendship. Thanks again Mom & Dad. We couldn't do it without you!