Classes Offered 2009-2010
Pre ballet Ages 4-5
Beginner Ballet / Tap Ages 5-9
Jazz 9 and up
Intermediate Ballet

as skills allow

Lyrical/Modern as skills allow
Pointe by arrangement


Dancing with Janey isn’t just about dancing.  Janey stresses that “skills and mobility that are learned at dance class can be applied in many ways by athletes and artists.”  “Many world class ice skaters and gymnast study dance to help them develop greater flexibility and poise.  But that kind of training can be valuable for any young athlete.” she adds.  Young musicians can also benefit from the study of dance.  Dance helps students develop rhythm and tempo for music as they break it down into dance steps.  Janey believes that dance requires a lot of concentration and hard work.   She added, “Dance is many things to many people.  It is about combining the creative with the athletic, but above all dancing should be enjoyable and fun.” 

Classes begin in September and continue through the beginning of June.  If you would like additional information or if you would like to register for fall classes, contact Janey Hosey at 440.599.9863 or by email at janey@dancingwithjaney.com